Friday, July 2, 2010

My Place

This is my little corner of the blogging universe. When not sitting pets, I can usually be found in front of my computer tapping away at the keys. Also, much to Amazon's happiness, I really like books. It's kind of pathetic, but I'm a huge nerd. The computer is located at one end of my living room. 

Here's the other end. It doesn't usually look this tidy. I love the big angel picture behind the sofa I bought at a yard sale extra cheap. Unfortunately, it's a bit glary in this photo from light entering the windows. The rest of the photograph looks too dark. Oh well!


This is the view from my sofa. You can see my thousand year old television set, and the big fake fireplace that came boxed up in chunks weighing a ton. It was a nightmare to drag in and put together. I always wanted one, and insisted on getting it, even though I live in a third floor apartment with no elevator. 

I posted these pictures since I enjoy seeing bits and pieces of peoples' lives and wanted to share a little of mine.

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