Monday, July 19, 2010

Estate Sale

Besides pet sitting, I have a consignment store space that occasionally makes a dollar or two. If not fussed over, the space becomes boring, and people with cash won't buy anything. This means new items (junk) need to be located and transported to the space's site in Cumberland, Rhode Island. Not long ago, I traveled with a junk appreciating friend to an estate sale in the wilds of Pascoag, RI to find a few new "items" for my neglected and boring space. Never having been to Pascoag before, I had no idea how to get there. Fortunately, my friend Linda, who does not have crazy eyes, owns a GPS system and even knows how to use it. The GPS lady in the box worked fairly well, though sometimes insisted on "recalibrating" unnecessarily and occasionally disappeared altogether at important turns. Finally reaching the estate sale, we got out clutching our mostly empty wallets, and hoped for the best. I've been to some screamer estate sales and didn't want to experience another one. Though to tell you the truth, nothing could be worse than the Cat Lady's sale. But that's another story for another time.


The Pascoag sale was a weird mixture of good stuff and plastic nightmares. A lot of it was WAY overpriced. To be fair, the harried woman in charge put the price down if asked nicely. I found a few things I could afford and weren't too scary. The porcelain bust of the little girl was nice and didn't cost much, and I really liked the metal box for $2.00. The camel is the base of a lamp and only set me back $5.00. The embroidered purse was cheap, and after a shot of Super Odor Neutralizer, didn't smell like the basement at all! The two round people were a quarter apiece. I'm hoping the medieval style mug won't sell so I can take it home with me.

I'd also like the religious picture for my shrine. You'd think I was extra devout with all the holy paraphernalia scattered around my home, but I'm not. I just like the accessories. The pottery thing in front of Mary is a siamese cat mug.

A picture of Pascoag.

All in all it wasn't a bad estate sale. There were good things hiding behind the boxes of cheesy unopened Christmas decorations,  hundreds of dusty beer bottles (bar owners), and the blindness inducing plastic Madonna water fountain lurking on the second floor. I'm glad I went.  


lifeshighway said...

Neat stuff... but disappointed by the lack of picture of the blindness inducing water fountain. I appreciate your hesitancy though, I too am wary of lightning.

LunaKris said...

I'm sometimes hesitant to take pictures of the departeds' treasures when an estate sale worker is standing there looking like divine retribution. Besides, I asked and was told I couldn't. I waited around hoping she might go away, but she never did. Most of the time they don't care if you take pictures or not, but this woman was a crabapple. I need a spy camera to hide in my belt buckle.

I'm also afraid of lightening, especially on the second floor. It's best not to risk the wrath of God. He may have an extraordinary fondness for blindness inducing plastic Madonna water fountains.