Thursday, July 22, 2010


This little thing is a former kitten of mine named Rascal. I think I was ten or so when my family adopted Rascal. Though Rascal's first family swore she was six weeks old, the vet suspected four weeks was closer to the mark. I recall that vet having one of the worst attitudes of any vet I've ever met. He took one look at poor little Rascal and said, "Where'd you get that thing?!" Idiot! Though small in body, Rascal had a big personality. She was nutty to the point of being certifiable. When people visited, she'd  entertain them with a strange sideways dance. She loved grabbing puzzle pieces and hiding them under rugs and between sofa cushions. One of my favorite toys was called Creepy Crawlers. I'd spend hours making plastic bugs out of bottled goop cooked on special metal plates impressed with insect shapes. I was a bit certifiable myself! Rascal delighted in leaving the bugs around everywhere. 


Rascal had an unfortunate habit of waiting until the last minute to visit her litter box. She'd loll around doing nothing in particular, then suddenly leap up and make a mad dash for her box. She'd frequently wait too long, and leave a little trail of poops all the way to the box. 

This has nothing to do with Rascal, but I love the wallpaper in these pictures. I don't know which is worse, the green with eagles, or the bamboo with sparrows. I remember actually liking the bamboo paper when I was ten. I have no idea why the harvest gold trash can is under the piano bench.


Here's Rascal as an adult kitty. For some strange reason, she often draped herself over the top of her scratching post. Eventually, the post was disposed of after she peeled the carpeting off in long sad shreds. The duck lamp in the background must have been horrified.


DP said...

What a cutie pie! Siamese cats are the best!!!!

bebipelucha said...

Rascal you are so cutie :))((HUGS and KISSES)) :)
That kitty is awesome :)