Monday, July 5, 2010

Buster Brown

Here's a cutie named Buster Brown. Buster came from a local shelter, being dropped off by his former owner, who didn't want to deal with him anymore. The owner gave poor Buster up for adoption, changed her mind, took him back for a few days, then returned him to the shelter for a second round of trauma. He suffers from severe separation anxiety probably brought about by crate confinement for uncountable hours at a time while his "person" worked and partied. Fortunately, he now lives with a lovely family who cares for him a great deal. Do you see the crate in the back? He hates it. He also hates being left alone for even a brief period of time. I'm sitting Buster later today so his new family can go to a barbecue for a few hours. 


Buster's a little camera shy, so it wasn't easy getting a good picture of him. He seems to be saying, "Who is that crazy woman pointing the little box at me? I'm not ready for my close-up." We think Buster is part Shih Tzu or Bichon, and part Cocker Spaniel. The crazy former owner swore he was half Chihuahua, but I don't see any Chihuahua in Buster at all. The veterinarian and groomer can't see any Chihuahua either. The one good thing Buster's first owner did was give him a great name.

Buster Brown!


Life With 5 Dogs said...

What a cute doggy! Bailey who lives with us also was a shelter dog and hates the crate, so he is a couch potato, not that we mine.
Thanks to your friend for Saving a Shelter Dog.
Your Friends at
life with 5 dogs

lifeshighway said...

Some people do not deserve pets. Thanks for the memory jolt of Buster Brown.