Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beau and Mingus


Meet Beau, a cat not bashful about expressing his grievances to all listening ears. In this picture, you may notice the signs of high-grieve. I sometimes have a few grievances myself about Mr. Beau's occasional sad behavior. Not the worst of which is his Houdini act. Arriving for my first visit, Beau was nowhere to be found. I looked in the basement, the closets, and even the refrigerator, but no Beau was here, there, or anywhere. I began to worry. My imagination worked overtime. What if he's trapped and injured? What if his family accidentally left him outside in danger of speeding cars and angry dogs? What if he's been kidnapped by strangers with many rude children? Just then, I heard a cry. Opening the back door, who should saunter in but the escaped Beau. He WAS left outside when the family packed their car. I nearly had a heart attack. I hope next time his people make sure ALL their pets are indoors before leaving! I have to admit, Beau can streak like invisible lightning. I'm just glad he didn't get hurt.

At least the second cat was indoors where he belonged. 


Mingus is a very timid kitty. This was the best picture I could get before "Shy Guy" pulled a vanishing act behind the sofa. Mingus was an only cat for years before Beau appeared. Beau, though the new kid in the family, is greatly disturbed about sharing a home with another cat. Beau's being disturbed has resulted in a second example of sad behavior even worse than sneaking out the door. Beau often leaves soggy signs of unhappiness in the basement. At least he expresses his grievance in the basement and not upstairs. 

Regardless of Beau's sad behavior, we need to be grateful for small favors.

At least he hasn't taken up smoking!

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