Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bevo, Starbuck and Bradshaw

Today I sat a big black Labrador named Bevo. Though Bevo's very calm and stately, he's so tall I feel I'm walking a pony on a string. Without his Gentle Lead collar, I'd probably go flying when the pretty setter across the street passes our way. Bevo is very strong. In fact, he's almost as strong as the Texas Longhorn he's named after. 


Bevo is the mascot of the University of Texas at Austin sports teams. I wouldn't want to mess with those horns!


Bevo has a pair of feline companions. This is Starbuck, a friendly young lady who likes to sleep in the sink.

Bradshaw doesn't usually look so startled. I'm generally the one with the stunned gaze. Bradshaw's eyes remind me of Louis Wain's paintings of cats. Wain, who eventually became schizophrenic, depicted cats who reflected his illness.

Here's a few more pictures.

Bevo and Bradshaw having a quiet moment..

Bradshaw watching birds.

Starbuck thinks I scared away the birds. I probably did.

I got a little carried away with my picture taking. Bevo is giving me his amused twinkle.


Life With 5 Dogs said...

Very cute pictures! Bevo looks like a very handsome fellow. We hope he doesn't pull you that much.
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LunaKris said...

He doesn't pull at all with his special collar. Though he didn't pull much without it, every so often he'd be naughty and give me a tug.

He is a VERY handsome fellow.

DP said...

My boyfriend has a black lab named Bo that gets along with my cat and Gracie. Gracie actually loves to chase after him, which is very cute.

I love taking photos of my pets too! :-)