Thursday, July 1, 2010


This bright eyed little calico is named Cali. You may have noticed her walking away in a photo of Ted barking. Poor Cali has to listen to a lot of barking with Teddy around. To get a little privacy, Cali has her own area in the basement with a cat door for easy access. Her food and litter box is there so a young lady can get some peace and quiet. 


Here's Cali improving the firewood. It's very important for a girl to care for her claws. Cali spends a good deal of time in the proper upkeep and spiffiness of her person. Coughing up the occasional hairball is a small price to pay for beauty. 

She's a sweet kitty. Actually, Cali and Ted get along quite well. As long as Ted stays out of her food bowl, she tolerates him well. Thanks to the cat door, her crunchies are safe from a certain noisy marauder.


DP said...

CALI is simply adorable. Is she an indoor-outdoor cat?

Life With 5 Dogs said...

What a Beautiful Kitty, my dogs would think otherwise. We are new followers and would love for you to check us out.

lifeshighway said...

Cali is beautiful. I have a soft spot for calicos. I have one now and my first kitty was a calico named Daisy.

LunaKris said...

Cali is an indoor kitty, but one time she got loose by pushing the screen out. Though her mom was scared to death, Cali was hiding under a bush and perfectly fine. The screens are all fixed now and kitty-proof.