Saturday, July 31, 2010

National Mutt Day

Well, I hope everyone's recovered from their National Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day revelries. If you're not too tired, here's another holiday just begging to be celebrated. It's National Mutt Day! If you have a mutt, give him or her an extra treat and a big hug. If you don't, Petfinder has plenty of deserving mixes who would love a new home. 


This happy little dog already has a home. Her name is Alfie and she's a mix of Maltese, Papillon, and Yorkshire Terrier. Alfie's person was so curious about her pet's unique appearance, she ordered a DNA test to find the answer. An interesting article about Alfie and DNA testing can be found HERE. I think Alfie is adorable!


Here's another cutie. Though I don't know her name, I do know she's a Cocker Spaniel/Jack Russell cross. She has lovely eyes.

Though purebreds are nice, don't forget the mixed breeds. They make great companions as well. Adopt one if you can. I'm sure your plant won't mind.

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Life with 5 dogs said...

How cute is Alfie? Thanks for sharing such a cute picture.