Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weird Book Room

I just discovered AbeBooks has a Weird Book Room on their website. It's a bit amazing how some of the books highlighted managed to get published. Do the authors' have a special secret? Are they related to the publisher? Naturally, some of the weird books have a pet theme. Here's a few you may, or may not, own and enjoy.  

This one looks like fun!

I always knew cats were talented.

This volume is supposed to be an excellent book explaining physics.

Most of the non-pet books are much weirder than the dog and cat examples. If you have a weird book you'd like to share, you can email the suggestion to AbeBooks, and they may just include it on their site. 

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Anonymous said...

Years ago, my boss at the time, who used to teach art, bought me that cat painting book.
Nice coffee table book...........