Friday, February 26, 2010

A Bird in the Apartment!

Last summer, I had an unexpected visitor to my apartment. Having just returned home from an afternoon pet sitting, I was checking my emails and noticed my cat acting jumpy. Assuming a noisy truck or neighbor was the cause, I thought little of it. Suddenly, a black object went hurtling past my desk heading straight for the kitchen. Madison dove for cover. Racing down the hall, I expected to find a creepy bat flapping around the windows, but instead saw a frightened starling eyeing me from the top of my curtains, as if saying, "How do I get out of here!?" He had squeezed through an opening in a window that had slid down enough to let him in. Not wanting to hurt the poor guy, I chased him with a towel until finally cornering him on the counter top. Carrying him downstairs, I released him to the trees where he looked very happy and relieved. He wasn't the only one. When I told some clients this story, a few had a strange reaction. "Oh!" they said, "A bird in the house means death!" Well, it's been months now, and nobody has died yet. Has anyone else heard that particular superstition?

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