Saturday, February 13, 2010

Joy Brown - Photographer

In my last post, I wrote about two little dogs named Maddy and Casey. Their "mom" is Joy Brown, a wonderful photographer from Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Joy started taking pictures in 1983, and has since amassed a portfolio of shots ranging from pets and landscapes, to flowers and the Boston Red Sox. Every spring and summer, she attends art shows in the New England area where she sells her photos and makes new contacts. She recently won a pair of Hallmark contests, and her cards are currently being sold at Hallmark's stores. 


Here's a crowd of Yorkies!

I love the hat!

April is cute!

To visit Joy's website and view other pictures, order prints, and learn her show schedule, click right HERE. I'm including a picture of one of her winning Hallmark cards. I hope Hallmark doesn't mind! HALLMARK has a website too!                      

The Golden Retriever is named Travis. I've written about him a couple of times on this blog.

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Joy Brown said...

WOW...thanks Kris! This is great article and advertising for me. I really appreciate your kind comments about my photography. You forgot to add that you are Casey and Maddie's wonderful sitter when I'm away all of those weekends at shows!