Monday, February 22, 2010

Paws and Matilda

Last week I stayed with a pair of great pets named Paws and Matilda. As you can see, Paws was a handsome and charming Westie, who didn't mind having his picture taken. This was especially true if paid with a treat. He was an affectionate little guy, following me around, and sleeping very nicely at the bottom of the bed. He only woke occasionally to play with his quacking duck toy. 

Paws' sister is a tabby named Matilda. In this picture, she'd just finished a meal and was happily licking her face. She's friendly too, though she prefers it if Paws doesn't get too close.

The neighbors across the street have a pair of horses who have been escaping lately. I was told to call them if I saw the horses parading past the windows. Fortunately, they stayed where they belonged.

The neighbor's also have a sweet dog named Amber. Amber liked walking with us, and always waited for a treat when we returned home.

                                Time to play.

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gypsyscarlett said...

That made me laugh when the neighbors told you to call them if you saw their horses trotting by your window! :)