Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Armor for Cats

Maybe what those poor medieval cats needed was some finely crafted armor. While exploring the internet , I found a wonderful Canadian artist named Jeff de Boer, who's been creating armor for animals since the 1990's. Though he began with mice, he soon branched out to cats as well.

Here's another example. I love the chain mail.

A set of mouse armor! This carries Tom and Jerry to a whole new level. To see more of Jeff de Boer's work, visit his site HERE.                                                                    

Mr. de Boers also crafts some great space sculptures. This one is called Ro-Cat: The 1034 Twin Rocket Flying Suit. 

I found something else about armored cats. The Wearybridge Department of Armored Cats  is a hilarious page by a young man named Morgan. He calls it an "evil experiment" to attract people to his spot on MySpace. He really is very funny.  


Fin said...

These are so fun! Now I'm going to have to follow you too.

Lauri The Artist said...

Ah hahaha well animals need protecting I guess lol

Morgan Adams said...

I had forgotten about my armored cats page. Glad you enjoyed it! It's fun to see it pop up here and there around the web.

The address will change soon: I'm changing web hosts, but I've decided to keep the Armored Cats alive. Maybe even add a little animation.

If you'd like the new address, just click the old one and look in the address bar: the URL will change to the new one (it's similar) so you can copy it. (Or if the old link stops working and you can't do that, you can just click my name here instead.)

-- Morgan