Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Casey and Maddy


I just finished an overnight stay caring for two dogs named Casey and Maddy. Casey is the reason the overnight is required, as he has diabetes, and needs many trips outside to urinate. He also needs nine units of insulin every morning. Unfortunately, the diabetes has caused him to loose his sight. A clever little Maltese, he's learned to expect a baby carrot after each bathroom break. He now tries to finagle carrots by requesting pee breaks ten minutes after the last break. Casey loves carrots. 


Casey's not the only one who loves carrots. His sister Maddy also gets excited when the carrot bag leaves the refrigerator. And when Maddy sniffs food, she snorts and wheezes as if having an asthma attack. Since she's a piggy who'll take Casey's carrot if given the opportunity, I have to stand and watch while they eat their treat.  

Here's another picture of Maddy. She wants to go out and chase squirrels.

I can't get them out fast enough!


Pet Mom 1 said...

Too Cute!!

Patrisha said...

Reading about Casey and Maddy has just cheered me up - Thanks.

Joy Brown said...

Great pictures of Casey and Maddie! Love the story about them.

Joy (Casey and Maddie's mom)

Patrisha said...

Rufus the Orange cat is preening himself vainly and points out to all passers by that you said he is a cutie (many thanks).
The full text of The Identity Stealer is available for free download at
Are you into psychology? I always wanted to be an animal behaviourist - I did a lot of study on wolf behaviour a couple of years ago for some writing I was doing. Identity is an intriguing subject isn't it!
Also - I got to say that Rhode Island sounds so exotic to me here in damp-drizzling England!
CHEERS. Patrisha