Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Don't See Any Fleas!

I returned to Seekonk's boiling hot outdoor flea market last weekend. I swear I sweat off a good ten pounds of flab everytime I go. It was worth the suffering though, as I found a few things for my consignment store space and some stuff to clutter up my already cluttered home.

Since I'm weirdly attracted to anything remotely medieval, I bought these girls in a hurry. They were cheap enough at four dollars for the pair. These are NOT being sold in my shop space. They're staying home with me, where they'll help turn my walls into a out of control art gallery. 


These are staying home with me too. Considering the number of items I keep, it's a wonder I make any money from my space at all. This is a terrible, washed out picture! The stars are made of colored glass, and look pretty by the window with the sun shining through them. They were only two dollars each. Why shop at real stores?

This one went to the shop. It's an interesting glass dish with a foil backing. I forget how much I paid for it.


Here's another example of my wild photography skillz. It's a bracelet that could double as a fortress for Lilliputs. The fortress bracelet has sold already!

There's the Lilliputs! I think my cat had one trapped under the fridge the other day.

A great purse with a lucite handle. Since I only sold it for $16.00, I probably robbed myself. It cost me $5.00 at the flea. Some of the little rhinestones were missing, and I'm not certain if the rope around the base is original or not, but I liked it.

A print of the sun. Though this was part of a series, all the vendor had was the sun picture.

A nice plaque featuring an elephant. I have a "thing" for elephants. Due to my "thing," this one is staying home with me.

Though the flea market prohibits dogs, there's always a kennel full being lead around on leashes. The next time I go, I'll try to take some pictures of them.

Dogs and fleas just seem to go together.

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Life with 5 dogs said...

Looks like you got alot of Awesome Treasures! Looks like you had fun! Yes Dogs belong at the Flea Market!