Wednesday, September 15, 2010

German Postcards

This little "behind the wheel" beagle is from a series of German postcards printed between the late 1800's to early 1900's. I have named him Johnny, and greatly admire his goggles! The matted cards can be purchased at

There must be a race! Charles the pointer looks much more intense than Johnny. He obviously has places to go, and will tolerate no interference. The fur coat alone gives an air of entitlement. I suspect his family has money, and always provided his every wish. He'll eventually inherent and never work for a living. Sadly, his permissive puppyhood has made him badly spoilt and rude.  

A bulldog out butterfly hunting! Miss Harriet is determined to add to her collection. Though her fiance, Charles, finds her butterfly obsession silly, she does it in the name of science. She knows someday her name will be famous among entomologists everywhere. Her knowledge of success keeps her strong.

Hoping for a good catch, Old Salty Dog the collie could tell many stories. He's lived through storms, torn nets, nasty catfish and leaky boats. Regardless of it all, no one can herd the fish like Salty can. The wealthy of Salty's town depend on his fresh fish.

A very established looking mastiff named William. This fine soul lives in an elegant old home with a number of servants and his step-son Johnny. He recently got angry with Miss Harriet for running through the grounds after a butterfly she called "rare". Secretly, he finds Miss Harriet charming, but is loath to let anyone know. William has enough trouble with his step-son Johnny. Though the boy is kindly, he's constantly out racing automobiles and getting into trouble. Sometimes William just doesn't know what to do!


Anonymous said...

How adorable!

Those postcards were a great find. :)

LunaKris said...

I'm glad you like the postcards. They have a lot of personality.

It's great you're blogging again!