Saturday, September 25, 2010

Daisy, Ellie, Bailey, and an Old Factory

The girls!

Let me introduce you to Daisy, Bailey, and Ellie. I'm caring for these girls while their family is on a cruise. Daisy's on the top. followed by Bailey with mismatched eyes, and tiny Miss Ellie. Their home is a third floor loft built in a converted webbing factory. As the conversion isn't complete, the elevator sits lifeless. This means the "girls" and I hike a lot of stairs. I must stop whining, and be thankful they don't live on the top floor. Besides, the exercise is good for me. 

They judge my picture taking ability with a mixture of annoyance and horror.  

Bailey's blue eye is visible here. When I arrive, Bailey gets so excited and happy she wheezes like an asthma victim. As she also suffers a weak bladder, puppy pads placed in the bathroom are a must. Bailey just can't hold it like the other two can. Due to Bailey's peeing problem, she stays behind the dog gate in the bathroom. She's not alone, as her litter mate Ellie accompanies her. They're inseparable.

Somebody wants a treat.

When begging attention, Ellie sits on her haunches for maximum cuteness.

It looks like a Paint by Number!

 Poor Daisy had many health issues (cancer) and spent much time in the hospital. Her doctors say it's a miracle she survived. Though hesitant around strangers, she's a sweet girl, and very well behaved. Bailey should take notes.

"Aren't you finished yet!"

 It's not easy taking pictures of dogs. They have a talent for turning their heads when the photo is snapped. I'm in a constant state of deleting pictures. Daisy wishes I'd stop taking pictures altogether.

The old webbing factory is in three sections. This is the unfixed middle building seen from my client's living room.

 It will be a big job and take a long time. I can't imagine how much the renovations are costing the developers. I was told they may repair the facade first, and do the rest later.

As we pass under this on our walks, I hope it's well attached! There was a nice blue sky that day.

A river runs behind the factory.

There's also a falls.

 A flood accounts for the chunks of concrete in the foreground. Fortunately, it didn't come close enough to harm the building.


Bailey is telling her sister sad things about me. Don't believe a word of it. IT'S NOT TRUE! I CAN find the camera button! Honestly!

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