Saturday, September 4, 2010


I want to introduce you to a very handsome Siberian Husky named Keno. He's huge, pure white, and has lovely blue eyes. Though he's a white dog with blue eyes, his hearing is fine. Well, his hearing was fine until age started to catch-up with him. Now he relies more on sight than hearing. 


Keno doesn't care for the hot weather. On especially steamy days, The Big Furry Guy stays in the living room close to the air conditioner. Since I don't like hot weather either, I understand completely. He must be very happy September is finally here, and cooler temperatures aren't far away.   


The Teacher's Pets said...

I think Keno has the right idea! He knows how to stay cool, that's for sure! As a pet sitter myself I am always amazed that pets are often smarter than I am and when they need a break, they will let you know!
I am sorry I've missed out on commenting on your blog for so long but I will do my best to visit as often as possible.
Keno is a handsome boy! Is he staying in your house or do you go to his home several times a day? I rarely have pets stay in our home b/c we have 2 cats to think of and we also have to wonder how a newcomer would like hanging out with a coonhound! We have had 2 pugs stay with us for 2 separate weekends and it was a rewarding experience!

LunaKris said...

It's nice to hear from you. I love getting comments! Since I have a cat, I've only had a "guest" pet stay in my home once. There was a blizzard coming, and as I was worried about getting to his home, I brought him to mine. The dog, a mini dachsund, had a great time. I can't say the same thing for my cat!

At the moment, I'm staying with a cocker spaniel named Maddy, and a diabetic maltese named Casey. Casey needs two insulin injections a day. Fortunately, he's very good about the shots.

I visit Keno during the afternoon for a walk when his dad is away. He's a very gentle dog.

The pugs must have been fun. I love pugs. I've never met one with a cranky disposition.

DP said...

Oh what a cutie. My friend has a girl husky with a blue eye and brown eye. They're very sweet animals!