Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Madison the Taste Tester

Madison has graciously agreed to occasionally taste test cat foods and treats. I appreciate his willingness to assist in the important job of finding something cats may eat on a semi-regular basis if and when they feel like it.

The food tested was Best Feline Friend, or b.f.f.  for short. It's made by the same people who manufacture the Weruva brand of pet food. Best Feline Friend is a less costly product poor people such as myself can afford. I bought the tuna and shrimp flavor, since I never offered Madison food containing shimp before. The cute blue and white label featured a girl hugging her cat, and asserted the food inside was grain free. The first three ingredients listed where tuna, water sufficient for processing balance, and shrimp. When I opened the can, I was surprised to see tiny whole shrimp mixed with the tuna. That's what the pale things you see in the picture are. Though the food looked squishy, and somewhat gross, that's true of most cat foods. It smelled as I expected. 


To my surprise, Madison thought the food was delicious. He gobbled it all up, then asked for more. Most importantly, the tuna and shrimp didn't make an encore appearance on my rug. The cat next to Madison's dish is Flat Freddie. He's a picture on the place mat. 

An "artsy" picture of Madison.

The taste test went well. Madison liked b.f.f., and now prefers the special shrimp fare over his usual food. Then again, maybe it didn't go so well. Though b.f.f. is considered reasonably priced for a premium cat food, at over $1.00 a can, it's still a bit expensive for me. Except as a rare treat, b.f.f. will not be a constant on the menu. Poor gourmet Madison will have to tolerate the affordable stuff.   

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