Thursday, September 9, 2010

Maddy, Casey, Birdhouses and Psycho Bunny

Here's Maddy making her happy face. She's happy because she went outside for three seconds and thinks she's getting a carrot treat as a reward. Maddy lives for carrots. She's in a constant state of wanting and expecting carrots. If I look at the refrigerator, Maddy gets happy and excited about carrots. If I briefly go to my car, she gets happy and excited about carrots. If I collect the mail, she gets happy and excited about a carrot monsoon. All this happiness and excitement includes snorting, gasping, wheezing and noises I couldn't begin to explain in ordinary English. It's hilarious. Maddy's brother Casey also loves carrots.


Casey looks sad in this picture. Probably because his glutton of a sister stole his carrot. I have to stand next to Casey while he eats his treat or Maddy will grab it and run. Since poor Casey is totally blind, he's an easy victim to Maddy's greedy carrot obsession. Also, since only ten teeth remain in Casey's mouth, Maddy has plenty of time to plot her theft. It takes Casey a while to chew.

Maddy rolling in the grass. She is not semi-conscious from colliding with the barrel.

Not only does Maddy love carrots, she also loves to eat junk in the yard. The barrel you see in this picture catches acorns that apparently fall from the clouds, as no large tree grows nearby. It's a bit like Charles Fort's frog falls. Maddy crunches the cloud-born acorns up, and swallows them with glee. Recently, that barrel caused another problem. Maddy, seeing me go in, became so happy and excited she ran full tilt into the barrel. Hearing a strangely hollow thud, I thought she damaged herself with her foolishness. Fortunately, that was not the case. Maddy recovered, ran around the barrel, and went indoors as if nothing happened. Since Casey is the blind one, this is ridiculous! 

Casey is blind because he's diabetic and requires insulin injections twice a day to stabilize his system. I've acquired a flair for giving insulin injections. I haven't jabbed myself in the finger for months! Though Casey had many peeing accidents before, he's doing much better now. He's gained weight, and hasn't had an accident in days. He needs his face washed in this picture.

Lately, I've included yard decor in my pet posts. This is an American still-life featuring a psycho bunny.

A close-up of the bunny. It's seen too many mystery acorns fall from the clouds.

A cute birdhouse. Since it has two stories, I hope the neighbors upstairs are quiet.

A woodland gnome birdhouse. I suspect it climbs off the tree and crawls around the yard late at night.

"You've finished the post! Can I have a carrot now?"

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Anonymous said...

I think my favorite picture of all of these is Maddy NOT colliding with the barrel. She looks like one of those Tennessee Fainting Goats--if you've ever heard of them--after being startled!

Very cute!!!!!!!