Monday, August 30, 2010

William, Luka, Chloe, Olive and Simon Sunshine

This little person with the huge ears is a Chihuahua named William. Though William is his formal name, I often call him Peanut instead. William's favorite activities include barking at garbage trucks at five in the morning, sleeping, racing around the yard like a maniac, sleeping, sitting in my lap, sleeping, eating his tiny portion of food, sleeping, watching the other dogs from the deck and lastly, sleeping because he's all tired out from sleeping.

Here is William racing around the yard like a maniac.

There he goes!

William has a big brother named Luka. Luka is part German Shepherd, part Rottweiler, and part very, very, tall. He's gotten old, and the carefree days of his youth are over. Luka no longer throws caution to the wind. Unfortunately, he has developed a tendency to poop in his sleep. The pooping problem was not helped by the continuous four day onslaught of rain while I sat at his home. Luka, like his canine siblings, hates the rain. The thought of pooping in the rain sends domesticated shivers down their spines. 


The third sleeping beauty is a Shepherd mix named Chloe. The sofa is not what it once was. You may notice the cover partly clinging to one end of the furniture. I was in a contant state of rearranging the cover in a losing battle to protect the fabric. As you can see, I was definitely losing the battle. Chloe thinks domestication is bliss. It's tough being Chloe!

Dinner time! They each have special medications with their meals. 


Here's "The Peanut" eating his tiny portion of food. Since he's a young fellow, he doesn't need any medication.

This is Olive looking coy. In reality, there's nothing very coy about Olive. She's a little conure with a big attitude. Olive loves being removed from her cage to sit on the armchair with me while I read or stare at the wall. She puffs up and does a strange bobbing dance like a Dancing with the Stars contestant sporting feathers. When tired of dancing on the chair's arm, she hops to my shirt and dances there. A secondary dance involves deep knee bends. Once the dancing is over, she dives down the front of my shirt and makes herself at home. I tell her not to poop. Pet sitting includes a lot of poop discussions. 


Olive has a lot to say. When pleased with me, she makes a nice clucking sound. When angry with me, she squawks to bring down the roof. She usually becomes angry when I take the dogs out before attending to her needs and wants. In Olive's world, Olive is number one.

Simon Sunshine is a little hard to see in this picture. He's a canary who used to sing for me, but no longer does. I must be in hot water for some reason. I'm always in hot water with somebody!

This is not a real bird. It's a fake raven I call Edgar. I think he's cute.

This is St. Francis. When I met my client Susan, she said she was a good Jewish girl with a St. Francis statue in her yard. I said, "St. Francis is nice." This is true.    

I've included a picture of the giant crystal ball because I like it. It reminds me of my client Charmaine's crystal ball except it's red instead of pink. Rather than a rosy future the pink ball was predicting, this one sees bad global warming ahead.

I hope you liked the pictures and story.


Life with 5 dogs said...

You can tell that you deep care for the animals in your care. People are lucky to have you has their pet sitter.

lifeshighway said...

I love Olive, she has personality jumping out of the pictures.

Also I like the red ball (a lot)

LunaKris said...

I like the red ball too. There seems to be a crystal ball theme in the air.

Olive is little Miss Personality. She, like William, is a tiny tyrant. If I don't do what she wants, she pitches a fit!

Thank you for the nice thoughts Life With Two Dogs. Pets have such honest hearts. I don't understand how people can treat them badly.