Monday, August 16, 2010

Rocky and Chloe

This is a little pee factory named Chloe. She's a sweet thing who's single-handedly keeping the puppy pad people in business. There's nothing physically wrong, she just pees a lot. When not peeing, she's pooping. 


She loves to get on the back of the recliner.

Chloe doesn't think much of my picture taking efforts!

Chloe's brother, Rocky, is a calm and dignified Labrador who can always be counted on for sensible behavior. I mean he's calm and dignified if there's no food involved. Rocky just loves to eat. Unlike Chloe, who takes forever to eat, Rocky gobbles down kibble at record speeds. When spying his full food bowl, he leaps around with amazing dexterity for a ten year old dog.

Where's my second breakfast?


lifeshighway said...

I congratulate the owners in keeping Rocky fit and trim. So many Labs are big fatties.

Natural Balance Dog Food said...

Your lab is in good shape and it's coat is so shiny.