Monday, August 23, 2010

Suzie, Monkey and Yard Decor

This is Suzie. Suzie is an old, old, Labrador Retriever who's almost completely blind. Poor Suzie. She still gets around though, and always enjoys a nice roll in the grass.

That feels good!

Suzie has a sweet younger sister named Monkey, who's timid around people, but still very friendly. Monkey is that breed of dog called "A Little Bit of  Everything," or the "Heinz 57." 


I stayed at Suzie and Monkey's home while their family were vacationing in Maine. Their mom owns the consignment store I attempt to sell elegant items a.k.a. junk in. Charmaine, the owner of the shop, has a lot of interesting stuff displayed outside her house. She'd probably have brought more things home if her ancient truck hadn't blown its transmission. Ouch! The truck got towed home early. 


It's a Hippocamp! I wrote about Hippocamps in my mythology blog found HERE. I would love to hang this somewhere in my home. I'm not sure where exactly, but I'd figure something out.

A Buddha statue made of limestone. The limestone is all pitted and sad from weather erosion. This is a thinner Buddha than some I've seen. Maybe it's not Buddha, but somebody else. It's DIET Buddha!


A very thoughtful statue of Mary.

A cute angel who lost his legs somewhere between heaven and Earth. He looks upset. I'd be upset too if I were him.


It can't be easy holding up a giant pink ball. Not everyone can have a huge "crystal" ball by their front door. The future is looking opaque, but rosy.


I don't know about the rosy future. A pig needs to fly first!



lifeshighway said...

Ah Luna, you tempt me with your treasures!. Come on let me score it. We have never had a Hippocamps before. Besides I love love it!

DP said...

What an interesting family to be able to petsit for. I love consignment stores and the unique items they carry!