Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rude People

I'm tired of all the rude people in this country. There's always someone around who delights in making others miserable. Some mornings I actually dread leaving my home to work. The other day, I was driving down a two lane road in Cumberland, Rhode Island that narrows into one lane. As the traffic merged, a woman with two unbelievably nasty children decided she'd squeeze past me even though there wasn't enough room and I was ahead of her. The road got narrower and narrower, but she kept right on coming. Since I thought she was going to hit me, I beeped my horn. The child beside her screwed up her face and screamed, "WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU?" What's the matter with me?! Realising I wasn't going to win, I let the wretched woman and her evil spawn go.  


Now she's in front of me. The two brats, who I took to be her children, turned around and began making faces and laughing at me. As far as I could tell, the mother did nothing to stop their behavior. Maybe I need to grow a tougher skin, but this sort of thing always bothers me. If I behaved like that when I was young, my parents would have killed me. I felt like garbage for a huge chunk of the day. 


There's a culture of meanness in modern America I find disturbing. People think it's clever and funny to rip strangers apart. I've been told people are friendlier in other parts of the country. Do you think this is true? What horror stories do you have? 


Lately, I like animals better than people.

The occasional angry opossum notwithstanding.


DP said...

I agree. Sometimes pets are more agreeable than people. Hope you have a better day, today!

petmom1 said...

I too like animals better than people..........most days!