Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Prince, a Rooster Chicken and Cookies

It's time for some more ancestral family photographs of a former pet. The big furry guy in this picture was our regally named collie Prince. He's accompanied by the five year old me tolerating another picture taken by my father. The building in the back is not the palatial mansion we called home, but the palatial woodshed. Our home was at least twice as big as that! Ha! I look like Henretta Hillbilly in this picture. 


This is not me. We did have a chicken that lived in the woodshed though. It wasn't a hen chicken, it was a rooster chicken. Unfortunately, since there's no picture of the chicken, I have to substitute this nostalgic postcard of a chicken instead. The rooster was hatched in a little dome topped plastic incubator we kept in the living room. After that, the rooster chicken seemed to think he belonged in the house. It was a very bad tempered rooster who chased me around the backyard and pecked at my legs. When I received enough holes in my legs, my parents decided it was time to find the rooster another home. My father took him to a friend of his who had other chickens, so it wouldn't be lonely, and maybe become sweeter disposed. The man said, "Don't worry Warren, if he gives me any trouble, I'll put him in the pot!" People often wondered why I twitched.

This is me and Prince again. Prince and I! He's trying to take my cookie. Actually, I used to give him my cookies which explains why he's practically climbing into my highchair.  He was a kindly soul who liked cookies as well as I did. I still do like cookies.

This is not me either. I don't know who this child is, but she has a remarkable large mouth.

This IS me laughing at the dog. I think someone spiked my formula that day. I always thought I had a disturbingly big head for a small child. My mother said it was better than being a pinhead. 


Here's one last picture of Prince being not very prince-like. These photos were taken in the dark ages before the invention of microwaves, television remotes, cell phones and digital cameras. Otherwise, instead of being preserved for eternity, this picture would have been deleted. I like the imperfections of the past. The man in the back is my grandfather. He was a funny and good natured sort of guy. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.



lifeshighway said...

I enjoyed your entry and think I would be fun to spend a day with you and watch your brain leap from topic to topic.


LunaKris said...

I went out with a guy once who said I had the most active mind of anyone he ever met. He then spoiled it by saying he was "surprised." When asked why he was surprised, he said, "I thought pet sitters were on another plane!" I said someone was on another plane, but I didn't think it was me! That was the end of HIM!