Thursday, August 19, 2010

Be Afraid

My cat Madison is angry with me. As a pet sitter, I sometimes stay at clients' homes to care for their pets. This is especially true if the pet is elderly, or requires medication. Usually, Madison is o.k. with that, but for some reason he's not o.k. this time. I've been hearing a lot of rumbling and complaints from His Lordship. He bats at my shoes when I squeeze past him in the hall. Since I'm staying at clients' homes almost continuously for the next couple of weeks, he's going to be mad for a while. Poor Madison. He generally only gets mad when I take him to the veterinarian. He HATES the vet with a burning passion. Once, in an effort to keep His Grace happy, I took him along while I stayed with an old, old, old, Fox Terrier. The dog was SO old he didn't realize Madison was there. We stayed for three weeks while the clients traveled in Europe. During that time, Madison refused to come downstairs and broke a lamp. So much for Happy Land. 


I'll have to be on my lookout!

I started this post yesterday. Fortunately, Madison is less angry today, so maybe I'm not in big trouble after all. I bought him some treats and special food to sweeten him up. He loves his treats.


DP said...

Poor Madison. He just misses his mama! I hope you get to come home and spend some time with him even though you must live at other people's houses when you care for their pets!

LunaKris said...

I usually visit him twice a day. Happily, he's all over his mads now. He's returned to his regular sweetness , and all is right with the world!