Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Max and Sabrina

This is Max. That's short for Maxwell, or as I like to say, Maxwell Smart. He's a Border Collie with a VERY strong herding instinct. When a car passes, he flops down on his belly and gives it the Collie "eye." He's also very sensitive, turning his head to watch me as we walk along the streets of Providence's east side.

Max has a sister named Sabrina. In contrast to Max, Sabrina is a hardheaded little Bichon who wants to do what she wants to do, when she wants to do it, no questions asked. She's a good deal older than Max and has developed cataracts. She also hates the rain. If it's raining, she gets under the kitchen table, requiring my crawling after her to attach her leash. As soon as the leash is attached, she suddenly comes out from under as if nothing at all were wrong.

One of my services as a pet sitter is making sure the trash is taken out and brought in on the right day. Providence now requires all trash cans and recycling bins to be put out whether there's trash in them or not. Also, the large trash can has to stay outside, even though it's been emptied, or the recycling truck won't pick up the paper and cans. The city is talking about fines if you don't comply. Is it me, or is that crazy? It sounds like just another devious way for the city to make money. But hey, what do I know!


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