Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Medieval Rings

As I mentioned before, I am fond of anything medieval. I'm drawn to the art and history of that time period. While wandering the web, I found a site that sells actual rings from the medieval era and even earlier. The rings are interesting, but very expensive. In my next life, I need to be independently wealthy.

This is a Stirrup Ring. It's called that because it's shaped like a horse's stirrup. This one is gold with sapphire and may possibly come from 15th century England. It costs 5,400 Euros. I don't know what the exchange rate is, but it sounds expensive to me.

This one costs even more. It's a pink sapphire from 13th or 14th  century western Europe and tips the scale at 21,000 Euros. This type of ring was often owned by a bishop.

This third ring has a wonderful crescent shape. It's a garnet possibly from 13th century Spain. It costs 5,750 Euros.

Can you imagine owning a ring like one of these? To have that bit of history around your finger. I wonder who wore them originally? What kind of people were they? How did they live and die? I find this fascinating.

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