Monday, December 28, 2009

Kittyman and Flash

This is Kittyman snoozing. He's a diabetic cat that has to tolerate insulin injections twice a day. Fortunately, he enjoys his food, so while he eats I give him his shot really quick before he realizes what's happening.

Kittyman has a brother named Flash. Though Flash is not diabetic, he does take Prozac. I tell Flash I'm going to take his Prozac myself soon! The Prozac comes in tiny pills that need to be cut in quarters. After cutting the pills into bits, I smash them up to a fine powder that hopefully Flash won't notice in his food. If Flash knows the Prozac is there, he won't eat his food. In his picture, you'll see he ate his meal! This fine little kitty needs to take Prozac so he'll remain calm around his brother and won't pee on the furniture. The Prozac helps a lot.

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