Sunday, November 29, 2009


A week of so ago, I went to an auction in Lincoln, Rhode Island. It was held in a strange flat top building that seemed comprised only of a basement with no first or second floor. Did they run out of money before they could finish it?! It's very uniqueness made the building easy to find. Inside were tables full of old, new, and middle items waiting to be sold. Since I arrived way too early, I had plenty of time to look the things over. There were old tables, awful pictures with good frames, craft books, vintage jewelry (that never did get auctioned), huge kitchen bowls and a set of antlers or two. Most of the things went for a song. This was only my third auction, and I sat frozen, unable to bid, worried about spending money on stuff that might not resell at the shop. What would I do with a giant mixing bowl when I rarely bake? Though I liked the picture of the scowling lady, did I really want her hanging on my wall? I finally bid on, and won, a pair of green retro lamps with cool shades. When I got them home, and plugged them in, they even worked as nature and a Chinese factory intended. They are currently sitting in my consignment store space waiting for someone to buy them. The jewelry was never auctioned off, as people were holding out for the cheapest price, and the auctioneer wouldn't let it go for such miserly bids.

Here's a really bad picture of my retro lamps.

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