Monday, January 18, 2010

Nash and Keela

How's this for a handsome guy! His name is Nash, and he's a brand new fur client of mine. He's the still small runt of his litter, who makes up for his size with a sweet and gentle disposition. Entering and leaving his home is a challenge though, since he wants to visit the elderly Labrador across the street. Nash also has a certain delicate frame of mind in matters of the bathroom. He goes in the yard's corner for optimum privacy. At least he POOPS, which is more than I can say for SOMEONE I know!

Nash has a sister by the name of Keela. She's an Airedale nicknamed Mrs. Fonzy Bear, and with one glance at her face, you can understand why. She looks just like him. Keela loves to bark at any small noise she hears. She finds these noises a big distraction when she's supposed to be POOPING. Pooping is an issue with Keela. Being a spoilt little girl, she's used to going out many, many, times during the day. Unfortunately, this does not happen when the house is empty of humans, and a sitter comes at night to let her out. Though I stay for almost two hours, she still does not POOP. Also, horrors of horrors, it rained last night! You can't expect a girl to POOP in the rain, now can you? The outrage of it all!

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Darla Dixon, Artist said...

What beautiful dogs! They are both so cute. The coat on the first dog is magnificent. Wish I could get MY hair to look so shiny!

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting and a BIG THANK YOU for putting my button on your site! I really appreciate it!