Saturday, January 23, 2010


My cat Madison is now an official member of Catster. Catster is dedicated to providing a friendly place for cat people to congregate and discuss their felines, learn about their care, show off pictures, adopt a cat, and meet other cat people just as obsessed as themselves. There are many, many, forums about all kinds of subject matter including; breed identification, health, funny stories, etc. Each cat can have his or her own page. Madison's page includes pictures and his personal diary. Though much of this is very silly, it's also a lot of fun. Some of the members go all out with special backgrounds and even music. To take a look at Catster click HERE.

Madison wants to know what you think of his new mustache. I think he looks very dashing! Don't you? He would also like you to take a look at his Catster page. Click right HERE to do so.

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bebi said...

Hello friend, I love your picture, the cat is charming