Thursday, January 7, 2010

L.B. Strikes Again!

This is Charlie, also known as L.B. (Little Bas***d) to his friends and family. Though I have written about Charlie before, he's a guy who requires more than one post. Last weekend, he got into a bit of trouble after clamoring onto the dining room table and eating ALL the puppy treats from the treat jar! Plus, to top it off, EVERYTHING on the table was strewn on the floor, and a straw basket was partly consumed. Leave it to Charlie to make a big mess. When I arrived on Monday to walk him, his mom left me a note about his transgressions, and also informed me he had yet to POOP! Oh dear! Fortunately, there were no surprises on the rug when I visited. Since there where a lot of treats in that jar, you'd think Charlie would have had a huge stomach ache, but nothing doing, he was ready and eager to eat yet more treats. I told him he couldn't have any, since he already ate them all! As I'm walking him again today, we'll see what new troubles he's gotten himself into.

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