Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Great Pet Pictures

Sherman the Pug

I recently found the website and blog of a wonderful pet photography studio named Shine Pet Photos.  Though it's a shame they're in Los Angeles, and I'm way over on the opposite coast, they ARE a tiny bit too expensive for me anyway. Being poor takes all the fun out of everything. So, instead of subjecting my cat Madison to hours of picture taking, I'll show off some other peoples' pet photos instead. I hope they don't mind!    

Mountain Jack the Maltese.

Grey Bear

Nico the Boston Terrier

All these photos are excellent and make mine look amateurish and awful. If you want to visit Shine Pet's blog click HERE.                                              


Anonymous said...
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Lauri The Artist said...

Aw these are cute, I took a few pics of my sister's cat I'll have to show you sometime lol