Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Menagerie

Ben, as you can see, is mostly Labrador. The not mostly part must be Malamute though, as his large and elegant tail curls over his back as he dillydallyies in the yard ignoring the cold. In the summer, it's a challenge getting Ben to hop down the stairs to the yard, in the winter the opposite is true. Ben does not want to come in! He stands and listens, sniffs the gound, and stands some more. Sometimes, he chases his sister Buddy all around the bushes and trees looking for an excuse not to return to his nice home.

This is Ben's sister Buddy. Buddy is a Whippet mix who hates fireworks, but loves to eat Ben's food. Though their food is exactly the same, Buddy thinks Ben's is magically better. Ben, the tough guy, allows this to happen. Ben is just an old softy at heart.

I love a home with many pets. One of the funniest is a tabby named Tobias. Tobias asks for attention one minute, and takes a swipe at you the next. He also likes to drag articles of clothing out, and leave them all over the floor. You never have to go far to find your old socks with Tobias around. They're usually in the kitchen for all the plumbers and electricians of the world to see.

These are the twins. That's Emma on the left, and Aretha on the right. They can be told apart as Aretha has a somewhat larger white locket on her chest. They're sweet little cats who live in terror of Pedra the Menacing.


Here is blurry picture of Pedra the Menacing. She spends most of her time sleeping in her cube, or under the bed. I don't see the menace myself, but I guess you have to be a cat to understand. When Pedra enters the twins' space, they cry and carry on as if attacked by wild monkeys.

This is not Natural B the fish. Natural B lives in a little bowl and I couldn't get a good picture of him. He's a great guy though, and gets three pellets of Betta food twice a day. Normally very greedy about food, this time he didn't show much interest in his round little food bits. Maybe the coolness of his winter home made him sluggish.

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