Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mailmen and Taxi Cabs

While walking Calvin and Charlie today, we encountered something exciting! A man carrying a box! You or I  may not find that exciting, but the "boys" were beside themselves with barking, squealing, and leash tugging outrage. Though the box carrying man was not the hated mailman, but only a neighbor loading his car, they didn't know the difference and warned the entire street of possible danger and doom. What would we do without our brave protectors? 

This reminds me of Rex, a hound mix from Providence, who lunges at any car with something on the roof. This includes taxis, pizza delivery vans, and POLICE CARS. Since Rex comes from a hound rescue, I have no idea what his history is, but lunging at police cars gives pause for thought. Exactly what did happen to his former family?! O-0

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