Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today I visited my Golden Retriever friend Travis. He's a handsome fellow of sixteen who has no idea he should be slow and arthritic. As we walk down the streets of Attleboro, he swishes his big tail and barks at all the homes that contain dogs. The dogs may not be outside at the time, but Travis knows they're there and makes sure they know it. He's a friendly sort of guy, and only wants to play.
In his youthful days, Travis won ribbons at dog shows, but was retired when a molar was discovered missing. Having been born with a missing tooth didn't trouble him though, and he happily became a spoiled pet living in the country and eating cookies.
If you followed the recent Hallmark contest, Travis was pictured on one of the winning cards. Fortunately, fame has not gone to his head!

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