Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kato and Caesar

This is Kato, a headstrong Sheba Inu who prefers "self-guided" walks to the human led variety. Once, in a bid for freedom, he jumped off the deck hurting his leg and causing limps and gimps for ages. Not learning his lesson the first time, he jumped a second time causing more limps, gimps and high drama.

Kato has a brother named Caesar. Caesar's life work is making the world safe from all mail trucks, oil trucks and school busses. In fact, anything large and on wheels is fair game in Caesar's mind. When a hated truck comes within sight, he jumps, spins and squeals as if squashed under the object's wheels. He also spins and squeals when seeing a cat or another dog. It's a good thing Caesar lives in the country, and not the city, as the constant activity would drive him to an exhausted, zoned out, coma. He'd squeal himself hoarse.                                            

Here's a picture of Caesar's tail. He's a very opinionated and nosy Jack Russell Terrier who drives Kato crazy. 

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