Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Zack and Abbie


Zackary is a pretty Bermese with lots of things to say. An accomplished lap warmer, he gave me many massages with his kneading paws. He's one of two kitties I sat last week for a client in Lincoln, RI. Though Zack is outgoing, his sister Abbie is shy and a bit cranky at times.


I snuck up on Abbie with my camera's zoom feature for this picture. At least her lovely face occasionally appeared so I knew she was safe and healthy. Abbie would stare briefly, than sniff my coat and purse. After examining my paraphernalia, she'd glance outraged and stalk off to find a sun patch. Some bashful cats are like phantoms. You know they're there, but rarely see them. Fortunately, Abbie was always around somewhere. I do have a good record of persuading phantom cats to come out and pass the time. Cats just have to check new people out. 

Old Toy

I know this looks gross, but it's a spitty old toy I kept finding in their food bowl. I've had other pets do the same thing. I have no idea why toys are placed in bowls. It's a pet mystery.

Here's a nice picture from my client's yard to apologise for the gross picture. I'd include more pictures, but I'm having trouble uploading photos from my computer. What's the matter with Blogger now? It couldn't possibly be my thousand year old computer causing the problem. Could it? Ha! 

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