Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Thief of Bagdad Poster

The last post in my Mythological Beasties and Co. blog was about Pegasus. Pegasus is the amazing winged horse from Greek mythology who helped more then one ancient hero complete his tasks. Not long ago, I found a framed Thief of Bagdad poster for sale at the local flea market. Though not an original movie poster, it was a very nice reproduction from the seventies by Portal Publications. As the flea market was winding down for the day, the vendor said I could have it for $20.00. Believing that was a good price for a well framed poster, I bought it. Pegasus and Douglas Fairbanks are now hanging on my wall. I have to say, Pegasus looks awesome. Douglas looks o.k. too. 

To read a review about the 1924 movie, visit the Ain't it Cool blog.         

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