Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Cheers For Pig's Ears!

Black Lab Puppy Portrait
Artist: Jane Partin

I just read a great story about a black labrador puppy named Cain, a charming fellow who lives in Chatham, Massachusetts. Chatham is found on Cape Cod, that arm shaped region of New England popular with vacationers and crazy people like me. I actually grew up on Cape Cod, so I'm familiar with the Chatham area. Cain's "people" are Jeff and Megan Patterson, whose wallets became noticeably thinner when their puppy started self-guided chew toy foraging. The problem all started when Jeff took the eight week old Cain into Job Lot. Job Lot is a local discount chain that sells all kinds of products at a remarkably reduced rate. Like any good discount store, they have a pet section full of food, beds, anti-stink shampoo and toys. Jeff hoped new chew toys would help save the beleaguered furniture at home. The observant and clever Cain happily received a pig's ear and was lead from the store. A short time later, Jeff and his wife started finding mysterious pig's ears strewn around the backyard. Where did they come from? As I mentioned before, Cain was both observant and clever. The little devil was escaping his yard, taking the back roads to Job Lot, entering the automatic doors, grabbing a pig's ear, then quickly leaving. Cain was outstandingly efficient about his thievery, never stopping to chat, or try the doggie beds. Jeff eventually returned to Job Lot and paid $20.00 towards Cain's purloined toys. Cain, though now an adult, still occasionally helps himself to the odd ear. The store notes his "purchases," and saves his receipts for Jeff's future payment. What a guy has to do for a little chewy fun!  

To read the original article check the Wicked Local Chatham website.         

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