Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sophia, Halley and Missing Keys

This pretty little cat is named Sophia. I sat Sophia, and her sister Halley, last week while their family was on vacation. Though a good deal smaller than Halley, she always has first pickings at the food bowls. While she eats, poor Halley is forced to wait patiently for her turn. This is interesting, since it used to be the other way around. Cats are a mystery. 


Here's Halley. She's wondering what happened to her Top Cat position in the family.


In a sudden artistic fit, I doctored up the a couple of pictures to look antique. 


Sophia's winking at you!

When the family returned from their vacation, they had to call me, as the airport lost their luggage, and their door key was in one of the lost bags. I locked myself out of my apartment once, so I know what it feels like. The maintenance man came with a huge ring of master keys, none of which worked in my locks. He had to drill a hole in my door to get me in. It was kind of funny in a annoying sort of way. 

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lifeshighway said...

I like the antiquing effects on the photos. It looks classy. I would not doubt that Sophia knows where there are some spare keys.