Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Excitable Rex

This handsome devil is named Rex. He's a former homeless fellow who came from a hound rescue somewhere in the South. He now lives in Rhode Island with his doctor parents, and a brand new little brother of the two legged variety. Rex would be the perfect dog but for one small problem. He gets VERY excited about other dogs. Just THINKING about another dog gets Rex excited. When meeting a dog while walking, Rex spins, whines and tries to eat his leash. Inside the house, he's been known to chew window blinds to bits in a frenzy of enthusiasm. Though dog trainers have been hired, nothing seems to help Rex's unfortunate obsession. Though to be honest, I think he's gotten a bit better in the spinning and leash eating department. Maybe all Rex needs is time to mature. He's only a young guy after all. 


lifeshighway said...

is it happy excitement or anxiety excitment?

LunaKris said...

When on a leash, I think Rex feels a combination of anxiety and joy in meeting another dog. If the dog in behind a fence, he shows very little overt excitement. Also, he gets more excited about large dogs than small dogs.