Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Revisiting Lily and Company

Here is Lily begging for a cookie. Though Lily is very hard to say "no" to, if she gets any rounder, she won't be able to stand up. One of the cats got on the kitchen counter and knocked a bag of treats to the floor. When I arrived, all that was left was a sad chewed bag and no treats. Lily looked about to burst. I wrote about Lily and her friends when I first started my blog. Though at the time, I couldn't get a picture of Gunther the cat (shy), and unfortunately neglected the bird, I've corrected that failure and now have photos of everyone.


An antiqued picture of Raggie. He's half Rag Doll, and half Siamese, and so friendly he'd make a great entertainment director on a cruise ship.

No more pictures please!

Ashes sporting all the white fur he leaves EVERYWHERE. I find so much white fur on his mother's green bedroom rug, it looks like a cat exploded and left nothing but its fur behind. I swear, when someone isn't shedding on the rug, they're coughing up hairballs on the bedspread. Yuck!


Here is the elusive Gunther. Though I haven't seen Gunther during the past couple of visits, I know he's there because I find pee on the newspapers in front of the litter box. Not peeing in the litter box is one of Gunther's favorite things to do. I think he's also responsible for dragging the potholders and sponges all over the house.

Bird the bird is waiting for his fresh seed. Bird, like Gunther, has a strong talent for making a big mess.

This is one of several feral cats that live in the area. The overturned recycling bin is used to protect the food and water left out for them.

Here's a little video in honor of Lily.


Fin said...

Hi kitties!!

lifeshighway said...

Little pudgy Lily is adorable. And we cat people have all had a Gunther.