Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fasa, Valentine and the Turtles

Fasa is gazing very intently at something he sees on the ceiling. Though I looked carefully, I couldn't spot what caught his eye. My cat Madison was once fascinated by a water stain on the ceiling of a former apartment. He'd sit on the back of the recliner and spit at it fiercely. That's Valentine in the back. He has no idea what Fasa is looking at either.

Here's a nice close picture of Valentine. The last time I sat Valentine, he kept running from the camera. Fortunately, he's gotten used to my picture taking quirks, and now tolerates me with a bemused patience.

The glamour boy Fasa. Since his long fur will be shaved down soon, we'll learn just how chubby he truly is. There's quite a lot of cat under all that fur!


Baba the turtle. Baba shares his tank with many tiny guppies. Unlike his brother Bella, he does not eat the guppies. In a sudden fit of creativity, I added a fancy film border on Baba and Bella's picture. I've been having a lot of creative fits lately! I must be overdosing on B vitamins again. 


Though he has a girl's name, Bella is really a boy. Everyone thought he was a girl at first, but it turned out otherwise. He and Baba live in separate tanks since Bella tends to attack poor Baba. If supplied with guppies, he'll eat them all up in no time. 


lifeshighway said...

The turtles are too cute. We are not allowed to have them as pets anymore in North Carolina so you no longer see them at the pet store.

I always had turtles growing up. They are fun pets.

Fin said...

Hi Kitties!!