Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nadia and Her Siblings

This is my friend Nadia. I've posted about Nadia and her siblings in an earlier blog entry. This particular kitty is the one with the look of impending doom. I sit this little cat crowd frequently, and I'm always happy to see them.

Elvis is the only boy in the group of four. He follows me around like a puppy, and sometimes considers climbing up my jeans. With his cheerful congeniality, he'd be a wonderful social events coordinator of a cruise ship. 

Sophie is as round as a little meatball with legs. If meatballs had legs. Though she's on diet food, she doesn't like it, and eats up whatever tastier food is available. Actually, none of the cats like the diet food. When I arrive for my daily visit, I find the tasty (still very healthy) food gone, and the unfortunate diet crunchies almost totally ignored. I provide both kinds since only Sophie is on a diet, and if she refuses one, at least she'll eat the other. 


This is an older picture of Calie, since all my newer pictures turned out blurry for some reason. She only has one ear, as the removed one turned down like a Scottish Fold, and often caused ear infections. 


My clients rent the top floor apartment of a two story home. The landlords live downstairs. This is the landlord's mail, and other items, filling the entryway. They're very bad at collecting their mail, a state of affairs that occasionally creates a problem for my clients. Once, the electricity was turned off because the bill got lost under a mound of "stuff." I wonder what the fire department would say if they ever saw the mess?

Here's one more picture of Sophie waddling down the hall.


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Sweet Kitties!