Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Clipped Nightmares

Though it's a little hard to tell, this is a dog. Underneath all that black and white fur hides a Poodle. I feel bad for Poodles. Though orginally working dogs from Germany bred to retrieve water birds, they're now often consigned to sculpture status in the hands of artistic groomers. Maybe this Panda-Poodle is "cute," but what about a little canine dignity? I wonder what the dogs think?

My Little Pony AWAY!

This one is tame compared to the others.

Captain Jack Sparrow. I actually like this one.

I suppose the colors are pretty.

For the football fan in your life.


Oh good, grapes. I could use a drink now.


lifeshighway said...

Is the mane and tail on the pony-dog a weave? And who would pay for a weave? I originally thought it might be an afgan hound but then they have long sickle shaped tails and the feet would not be puffy.

The Panda is the best disguise at not being a poodle.

Fin said...

Holy Cod!! Wow! Glad I'm a cat!

LunaKris said...

I have no idea how she did the mane and tail. Though the dogs look strange, the groomers do do a good job creating a fantasy "image." I don't care for such designs, but I have to respect the amount of work that goes into it.