Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Abandoned Dogs

It seems Japan has a massive abandoned dog problem. The dogs are first adopted as a fashionable acquisition, but the realities of pet ownership cause some owners to relinquish their pets to shelters, or even dump them on the streets. Over seventy percent of all dogs in shelters are enthanized because the Japanese reject anything "secondhand." Dogs living in the streets wander in packs causing numerous kinds of trouble for residents. Fortunately, there is an organization called Angels with Fur Japan that publishes pictures of adoptable dogs (and cats) online. They're doing what they can to educate people to accept previously owned pets into their lives. To visit the Angels with Fur Japan website click HERE. The pictures are really cute. To adopt an abandoned pet in the States, visit Petfinder. Pets are thrown away alike rejected playthings everywhere.  

A little Dachshund from Japan named Yu. How could you say no to eyes like that?

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Pet Mom 1 said...

Such a shame.......humans create the problem.......glad to read that there are people helping !!