Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Artie and Company

This is Artie. As you can see, she's a very beautiful gray cat with lovely eyes. She lives in an apartment with her two sisters, one brother and a tank of goldfish. They'll soon be moving to their own house less than a mile away, where they'll have much more room to play and sleep. At the moment it's a bit cramped. Artie's mom is excited, since she'll be able to squeeze in MORE cats with the added space. I hope she gets more litter boxes to go with the cats! 


Here is Artie's brother Sam. All of these cats are very friendly. There's not a shy one in the bunch.

Sabe is a short haired orange tabby, who coordinates with Sam, the long haired orange tabby. 


This picture is a bit overexposed and doesn't do Snow justice. She's a Siamese mix with big blue eyes. 


Let's not forget the fish. They don't seem to have any names. They love to eat though, and have a talent for making a big mess.

One more picture of the fish. I like the little fish sticker I found on the photo editing site named Picnik.

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