Monday, March 1, 2010

Literary Dog Collar

I recently learned a collar worn by Charles Dicken's dog was auctioned at Bonham's in New York for $11,590. That's a lot of money! Made from leather, it has Dicken's name and address impressively engraved on a sizeable brass plate. Dickens was quite the dog lover, having a number of canines living at his Gad's Hill home. The dogs included two Newfoundlands, a St. Bernard named Linda, and a little dog called Mrs. Bouncer. There were probably others for all I know. I wonder which dog this collar belonged too?  


Dickens sometimes included dogs in novels or interviews. Bullseye, a fictional dog in Oliver Twist, had a bad temper due to poor treatment by Bill Sykes. Though vicious, he was still loyal to his dreadful master. 

Anyone wanting to express their fondness for both Charles Dickens and dogs, can buy this doggie tee from CafePress. It costs $18.00, and includes Dicken's quote, "A loving heart is the truest wisdom." The link is right HERE.

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lifeshighway said...

I was trying to be educated about Charles Dickens but that little pug kept distracting me.